Our products


A one hundred percent guarantee for all employees

The protection of human is the highest priority. Danger is often invisible and if recognize it could be already too late. Consequently, products need to be always 100% reliable for complete security of employees. With this quality demand we produce and distribute successfully our safety products for following segments:  seafaring, fire departments, aviation, industry and craft sector


Specialist on the subject security

Through specialization in safety it is possible to consult our customers individually and to supply suitable equipment. Thereby you will never receive anything off the peg. Whether protective clothing, helmets, respiratory protection, gas detection technology to general safety technology, up to your individual requirements of equipment transportation. We would be pleased to advise you for maximum security!

Affordable, high quality products „Made in Germany“

We continuously follow the philosophy that high quality products need to be still affordable. Moreover, in this case the title “made in Germany” is indispensable. Otherwise, we rely on goods from the European Union.  As a matter of course these are tested on their suitability as well.


Qualified service for your employees’ protection

For every product delivered by us you can also obtain a qualified service in consulting and maintenance. The quality of our service is highlighted by
exclusive sales rights for Tesimax, Honeywell and Scott Safety in Germany.  
For international seafaring we are the one and only service station for products of Honeywell in Germany.

Our product range is even broader than we can present you on our website. We will advise you in detail about every safety case in seafaring, fire department, aviation, industry and hand craft. Please contact us, we will be glad to assist you in keeping safety for your employees!