Peli ®-Products


These Peli ®-Products has proven by public and private organisations and has passed strict quality controls. They meet many requirements from the areas industry, military and extreme sport regarding protection against external impact, entering of moisture, corrosion, resistance with stacking as well as falls.


For the safety of your luggage!


This Peli ® - case were developed for certain sizes of weapons, wherein several kinds of weapons and equipment of authorities, military and security services can be stored and transported.



Mobile lightning system.


Handy flashlight with extremely bright, focussed laser spot TM-xenon- lamp module (~130m light beam).

Waterproof up to 150m diving depth.


Lamps for working in ex-proof areas.


Peli ®-protection cases are indestructible and very tough: impact resistant, water- and dust proof, floatable and unrestricted tropic proof.


Best protection for every kind of equipment in all surroundings.


Peli ® Microcase-line is particularly suitable for transport and storage of small parts (e.g.  mobile phone/ iPhone)