Shoe dryer

The drying systems of the company SteurerAltach are a contribution for safety at work in order to preserve and to increase productivity and competitiveness of your company.
Studies show that, in cases of dry and warm work boots, work wear and gloves, which increases motivation of employees and sick rate is reduced. Many professions- as building contractors, waste disposal company, chemical industry and emergency services use this rewarding investment.


Additional fixings (e.g. for a large numbers of shoes) on request!


Body heat air of shoe dryer with warm air blower absorbs moisture and dries them as well as comfortable warm. Shoe dryer with hot-air blower is available in two versions: mobile hot-air blower or mounted-wall.


The TOP TROCK dry panel with hot-air blower GF 900, consisting of 10, 20, 30, or 40 hangers is the ideal module in order to provide fast and careful drying of shoes, boots and gloves to large groups.
The gentle and reliable drying of items is regulated by tubes filled with hot air.