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Qualified and long-time experiences in safety

The Safety Equipment Company Schönwolf Hamburg advises you in all matters for the safety topic when dealing with respiratory protection, survival- and chemical suits as well as gas detection technology. Due to our years of experience we are able to develop, supply and support you individual solutions.Here are just a few examples in the recent years, whereby Schönwolf Hamburg played a developing and advisory role: 


Schönwolf Hamburg developed the respiratory concept for the turret on this refinery ship
Schönwolf needed to solve the difficult security situation with an easily solution regarding air supply in turret.
The entrance to the turret were only 600 mm x 400 mm

Building a turret on a refinery ship

The task situation was to supply underwater location of turret (central shaft) with breathing air, while working and even welding in shaft. Up to 16 persons are at the same time in the mentioned shaft, which consist of approx. 25 levels. 12 of it are under waterline, which are only accessible by 600 mm x 400 mm small entrances.

Schönwolf Hamburg developed for the turret on board of a refinery ship the respiratory concept, so that the plant was completed within six weeks while continuous shift work.