High quality at competitive prices

Quality and Safety at competitive prices -Service workshop Hamburg


Fast and professional problem solution in high quality!

A broad product portfolio – in addition our service on-the-spot.
Both together build a service package whereby we can guarantee quick and professional solution of your problems.
Thereby we provide quality in the upper range of service, because we pay attention to high quality at competitive prices for our selection of all products.

Our experts maintenance your products in our own repair shop

Time is money: With the know-how of our trained specialist we provide fast help in our own repair shops at our head office, located in Hamburg and as well at our support service point in Hungen/Frankfurt.
Here for example, we repair gas detectors of different manufacturers and respirators. Moreover, we cooperate with professional partner companies when repairing damages at life saving appliances or body protection. Especially our customers from shipping appreciate our rapidity.

Regular maintenance of gas detectors ensures security of employees
Gas detectors before and after cleaning


Our network of competence for your safety!

Service without any detours: we cooperate with a world-wide network of high specialised suppliers in our fields of safety and medical technology
As we are not tied to certain suppliers we are able to provide you custom-made solutions to meet your needs and requests.
Developed by us and produced by innovative companies, which are among the best. As a matter of fact, all products comply with EN and have the necessary approvals.

Air supply cases in delivery mode
Air supply cases in distribution mode

Maintained by experts and professional repairs

The maintenance of compressed air supply cases belong as well to Schönwolf’s service range. After usage of devices they are cleaned, maintained and newly equipped according to your need by our qualified personnel. In the picture you can see air supply cases in delivery as well as distribution mode, such as are used in inspection at aircraft wings. Partially, power supply units are equipped with their own compressors. Our long time customers rely fully on the quality of Schönwolf Hamburg in regards of your air supply cases.












We are Gloria sales- and service partner and we maintain your devices!



Moreover, we maintain your Gloria- fire extinguishers and –systems. For qualified and expert advice we will be available to you as authorized sales- and distribution partner at any time.


Your direct contact to our service team:

Tel: +49 (0) 40 / 23 88 18 - 13
Fax: +49 (0) 40 / 23 88 18 - 18